The Snowboarder's Journal:

"What the snowboard industry does doesn’t really affect me in any way. I live in southern Vermont, so far away from anyone in the industry, and am making classes for people to build boards. Those nose and tail shapes are mostly suggestions for people who want to take a class, and a lot of people go off of that and don’t stick to that script. Some [templates] are only there because we think they look awesome..."

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The Sickle - Resort Ready

The Sickle packs the PowderJet ethos into a board that you can rip every day. It has traditional camber and a nice tight sidecut for carving up corduroy while maintaining an ample taper and setback to flow effortlessly through powder.

As with all PowderJets, we will customize the width, nose, and tail to exactly what you want. Just ask.

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The Shop Scratch Pad

A rambling collection of things that stoke us


Mons Roisland, smooth

Ice carousel



Behind the Viewfinder with French Fred

Easily one of my favorite photo books, fully recommended, get yours here.

Finally a break through in Super Mario


The Swedish Couple Who Travel the World Photographing ‘Death Metal’ Landscapes

If one had to classify their work, it would come under the umbrella of "landscape photography." After all, that is what they shoot. But the label hardly does them any justice—the pair's photography sits so far outside of the tradition.

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And Now Some Bad Mittens