The Sickle

The People's Snowboard

The Sickle packs the PowderJet ethos into a board that you can rip every day. It has traditional camber and a nice tight sidecut for carving up corduroy while maintaining an ample taper and setback to flow effortlessly through powder.

As with all PowderJets, the Sickle is hand crafted by Jesse Loomis. Each board is made up of four plys of FSC certified hardwood, two layers of biaxial fiberglass, a sheet of black extruded UHMW ptex, some Entropy bio-resin, edges, inserts, and nothing else. We put more elbow grease and less materials into our boards so they will mean more to you and less to the planet.

Like most great things, the Sickle has its roots in our BuildYourOwn workshops. It is based off of a design created by Chris Bolens last year and he shall be rewarded with a beer for every Sickle sold.

Peace, Beer and Shred.


Overall LengthEffective EdgeNose WidthTail WidthWaist WidthSidecut
158 cm105.5 cm29.0 cm28.3 cm25.4 cm7.92 m