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When PowderJet started, most snowboard companies were only offering generic, popsicle stick shaped boards. Now, eight years later, every single snowboard company has an obligatory couple of powder shapes, but is that really what you're looking for? Wouldn't a custom board, built to your specs and hand shaped specifically for you mean more?

Your board will feature a mixture of fiberglass weaves laminated with super strong and lightweight poplar wood, all tuned to the flex you want. Every board comes standard with metal edges and ptex, and you can choose either a powder tail or a kick tail. Gone are the days when PowderJets were only suited for prime powder conditions.

Design every aspect of your own custom crafted wooden PowderJet for a truly one of a kind snowboard. Choose your nose and tail shapes from the Shape Deslider and then tune the specifics to exactly what you want. There are 169 total shapes and over 24,000 possible combinations.

Each board is built and hand shaped from start to finish here at the shop in Vermont. We even hand sign each board and engrave your name on it. Get exactly the board you’ve been wanting, hand built for you.

If you would like to further customize your board check out our Build Your Own Workshops or contact us directly

Designed by You
Hand Shaped by Jesse Loomis

All Conditions Ready
Metal Edges - PTex Base - Kick Tail

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Design your board today using the Shape Deslider below.

Shape Deslider

Move the gold sliders below to try different nose and tail combinations. Once you have found your combination, enter the corresponding numbers below to order.

All PowderJet Design Your Own snowboards come with steel edges, and a choice of black or clear PTex. Every one is flat laminated Maple and Poplar wood, with two layers of fiberglass for liveliness and strength.

The most important aspects of your board selection are length, relative stiffness, and tail profile. A kick tail offers the ability to ride fakie/switch, while a flat, powder tail provides more float with a shorter overall length. Softer flex provides a mellower ride, while stiffer flex is ideal for high speeds and firm snow. Longer snowboards provide more stability and float in light snow, while a shorter length will be quick-turning and snappy.

Starting Length Specs 151 cm 155 cm
Effective Edge 125.75 cm 132 cm
Nose Width 29.2 cm 30.2 cm
Tail Width 28.45 cm 29.7 cm
Waist Width 24.9 cm 25.2 cm
Sidecut Radius 7.4 m 7.9 m

Upon ordering, we will email you with the shape and specifications for your final review. Completion of your board will be done within 4-6 weeks depending upon volume. We will make every effort to complete it ahead of this. As this is a hand shaped board, the final shape and dimensions may vary. All Powderjets come with a full two year warranty. We stand behind our boards 100%

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