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Octagrab Trailer

SHE - Side Hits Euphoria - Chapter 2

The Cosmic Dope - A Plant Experience (by CLEMENTE)


Ernie Ball: The Art of Sound with Aaron Draplin

The Art of Sound

Get ready for the weekend with page 69 from The Complete Book of Snowboarding - as of 1990

Go to the X-Treme and make your coworkers look up to you


Today, however, those at the frontier of pushing the technical boundaries of snowboarding are riding at such an insanely high level that it’s essentially unattainable to all but a select few. Kids need gym time, airbags, coaches and a sprinkling of disco dust to even get close to pulling off some of today’s stunts, and as a result such riding is becoming – at best – something akin to that lunatic shit the Nitro Circus lot do, or at worst, a turn-off. To blatantly contradict this article’s title; yes, if someone were to pentacork a bunch of people would watch it, discuss it, and most certainly would fucking care (no doubt caring so hard that they’d feel implied to tell the world that they’d prefer to see a slow, backside 180), but unlike watching Johan Olofsson tweak till the bindings creak way overhead or Nicolas Müller painting lines in Alaska, there’s little chance of it making any Average Joe want to go snowboarding.

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Pow Surf 101

Severin Van Der Meer's Method Movie 2 Full Part

Severin Van Der Meer

Ben Ferguson’s perfect 10 | FIS Snowboard

Ben Ferguson is the Hope

Season 2: Like Salt Lake But Smaller - Ogden Area


Hints of the 4th Dimension Have Been Detected by Physicists

We ourselves as 3D objects cast a 2D shadow. A 4D object should then cast a 3D shadow. We can learn something about a 3D object by studying its shadow. So it stands to reason that we could also gain knowledge about a 4D object from its 3D shadow. Both teams in these experiments did something of that kind. They used lasers to catch a glimpse of the 4th dimension.

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Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives

Radio, it was once a thing

Hans Haacke - White Wide Flow

Letterkenny - Cold Open

Tic Toc

Katsutoshi Yuasa's Woodcut Print

The long game

GI Joe Parody: Ice (Highest Quality)

Herman Miller: Ward Bennett at 100

Ward Bennett


HAPPO BANKS 2018 Remix

Well, yes, that looks fun

Big Gulps Huh

Return of the slurpee wave, check Jonathan Nimerfroh's insta feed for more frosty rollers

And now a section of Iggy Pop's concert rider

  • An English language newspaper like the New York Times or the Miami Herald. Or the Guardian (my personal favourite). Or a copy of USA Today that's got a story about morbidly obese people in it. Most amusing!
  • Somebody dressed as Bob Hope doing fantastic Bob Hope impersonations and telling all those hilarious Bob Hope jokes about golf and Hollywood and Bing Crosby. Oh God, I wish I'd been alive in those days, so that Bob Hope could have come and entertained me in some World War 2 hell-hole before I went off and got shot. What joy they must have experienced...


  • Seven dwarves, dressed up as those dwarves out of that marvellous Walt Disney film abouit the woman who goes to sleep fro a hundred years after biting a poisoned dwarf, or maybe after pricking her finger on a rather sharp apple... or something. What was the name of that film? Was it Cinderella? Taller people are acceptable, of course. It's attitude, more than height, that's importantb here. Don't forget the pointy hats!

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