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HACKED - Elias Elhardt

Snowboarding's Forgotten Pioneer - Dimitrije Milovich

But Milovich never considered that snowboarding because a rider held onto a rope. What Stoveken did — arms free — was snowboarding, he said.

"Everybody lays claim to be being the first snowboarder. It wasn't me. It was Wayne Stoveken."

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Day By Day - The Iris Story

Day by Day - The Iris Story

KiteTeam Gesh Oct16

Meanwhile in Siberia

Here's 60 inches of powder, press mute, watch for a minute, move on


Mons Roisland, smooth

Ice carousel



Behind the Viewfinder with French Fred

Easily one of my favorite photo books, fully recommended, get yours here.

Finally a break through in Super Mario


The Swedish Couple Who Travel the World Photographing ‘Death Metal’ Landscapes

If one had to classify their work, it would come under the umbrella of "landscape photography." After all, that is what they shoot. But the label hardly does them any justice—the pair's photography sits so far outside of the tradition.

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And Now Some Bad Mittens


RESURRECTION - Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan - Forest find !

Rescuing a bus from a 40 year old forest grave

Bloodlines: The Lavecchia Brothers


“You have to decide what you love and why you love it,” says Mike LaVecchia. “I’ve always been a believer in that if you want something, you need to start doing it. One thing leads to the next.”

Be the weekend warrior you wish to see in the world PT10

back at it.


Dramatic Music, Nice Light, Sweet Powder Turns

The Arcades of the 80s

Was Ansel Adams actively using the golden ratio?

Perhaps a stretch but interesting regardless

“Great artists such as Ansel Adams exalted their art with the golden ratio—the very same ratio present in the bones of our fingers and facial features,” McGucken explains. “Whether Ansel used the golden harmonies consciously or unconsciously may remain a mystery forever.”

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A Brief History of John Baldessari

A Brief History of John Baldessari

Do not let the fact that you may have watched this in the past stop you from enjoying now.