Ali Goulet.rider
Jesse Loomis .photographer
1996 - Vail Pass

This shot was taken at Vail Pass, while Shem and I were waiting for my car to be fixed in Vail. We were driving my 91 VW Fox from VT to CA, when the alternator had died in Nebraska on Easter Sunday. We bought another battery for it, drove 300 miles and tried to get it fixed in Denver, but of course it was Easter Sunday and no garages were open. So we decided to roll the dice and headed up the hill to Vail. The whole drive up I was sweating about that long tunnel we'd have to pass through, and how if the car battery died, it would shut the whole car down, lights and all, and we'd be stuck in the middle of the tunnel and probably get rammed into in the darkness and die. On Easter. Anyway, we made it, the car quit just as we pulled into Vail, and pushed it right into a service station. The next day I shot this image. Ali Goulet has awesome style.

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Today, however, those at the frontier of pushing the technical boundaries of snowboarding are riding at such an insanely high level that it’s essentially unattainable to all but a select few. Kids need gym time, airbags, coaches and a sprinkling of disco dust to even get close to pulling off some of today’s stunts, and as a result such riding is becoming – at best – something akin to that lunatic shit the Nitro Circus lot do, or at worst, a turn-off. To blatantly contradict this article’s title; yes, if someone were to pentacork a bunch of people would watch it, discuss it, and most certainly would fucking care (no doubt caring so hard that they’d feel implied to tell the world that they’d prefer to see a slow, backside 180), but unlike watching Johan Olofsson tweak till the bindings creak way overhead or Nicolas Müller painting lines in Alaska, there’s little chance of it making any Average Joe want to go snowboarding.

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