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Testing the shapeshifter

In late March we pulled the second Shapeshifter out of the press and sent her out for some testing

We trucked it up to the one place in the Northeast where you could still grab some powder. The Shapeshifter shredded every condition conceivable and came back ready for more.
Words: Seth Beck | Photos: Seth Beck and Josh Rawlings

What Baja was to surfing but with poutine instead of fish tacos

Snowboarding has always been more about having fun with your friends than the weight of your set-up or the amount of vertical you scored.

For around the fifteenth time of the trip, I turned to Rawlings and confidently stated, "next time up this skintrack, I am hitting that log." It was the sort of feature that most people on the skintrack would not have wasted a thought on, simply another tree fallen over. But me, well, I had wasted considerable thoughts on the perfect cannon - how I would chip out a run in, whether there were sharks under the snow cover, and how quickly I would need to pull up upon landing. Unfortunately, up to that point the cruel truth of the skintrack was that I had been too worn to make the transition simply to hit this one obstacle.

At the conclusion of our second descent, we were sitting at the point of decision - one more skin or call it a trip and head for the tailgate. It was 2:30pm, which despite a decent run-out seemed just a bit too early to commence the post game festivities. I finally broke the half hearted debate by submitting my vote for one more run. Rawlings quickly agreed and off we went.

Rawlings looked at the run-in with a distinct hint of apprehension, "pretty abrupt for a board with an unnecessary nipple on the nose." Using my avy shovel, I sculpted out a hint of an approach and quickly shifted into ride mode. With a clean drop, I slid across the log so quickly I had no time for the number of grabs contemplated on the ascent. Upon landing, I slashed once before coming to a stop. Despite the waist deep slog back to the skintrack, that comically short log followed by the least stylish dismount ever had proved to be the highlight of my trip. While we did score vertical and we did slash deep turns, it was that one act of idiocy that will stick in my mind, a reflection of what snowboarding truly is to me and what splitboarding should be - fun.

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